Our hematologists are based out of the Helen F. Graham Cancer Center, Christiana Care Health System and provide medical oversight for the Bone Marrow Transplant Program. We have expertise in both cancerous and non-cancerous hematologic disorders including sickle-cell disease and hemophilia. We specialize in patients diagnosed with blood disorders, thrombosis and blood cancers. Through a collaborative care-plan approach, we partner with the patient, their caregiver and referring physicians to ensure constant communication through the patient’s continuum of care.

Board Certifications include:

    • Internal Medicine
    • Hematology
    • Medical Oncology
    • Blood Bank & Transfusion Medicine

Referring physicians can expect easy access when referring a patient to our practice.

At the new patient visit, the patient is introduced to their dedicated physician, nurse, and scheduler who will service them while at DCLP.  In addition, the patient will sit with a financial counselor who will review the patient’s  health care benefits and assist the patient  in obtaining external grant funding to supplement their health care expenses.

Infusion servicesInfusion Services are within the office.

Patients can expect phone triage support by their dedicated nurse.

To refer a patient:

Make an appointment

FAQ while receiving Chemotherapy

How will I know if the Chemotherapy is working?
At your next office visit speak with your doctor about lab results and scans.

What are the side effects from Chemotherapy?
Each drug has different side effects and everyone’s body reacts differently to chemotheraphy. Ask a RN for a list of side effects specific to the chemo regimen you are receiving.

Do I need to change my diet or activites while getting Chemotherapy?
Your diet should be as tolerated, avoid spicy and greasy foods around the time of your treatment.
Try to maintain same amount of calorie intake daily.
Exercise if beneficial for fatigue prevention.
Drink plenty of non-caffeninated beverages throughout the day.

When should I expect to have side effects from treatment, if any?
Usually 2-3 days after the treatment you will experience side effects if they are going to happen to you.
7 to 10 days after treatment is the nadir for most drugs, which is the point where your blood counts will drop the lowest. Expect to feel tired during this time. This is also when you are most susceptible to infections.

After Chemotheraphy will I be cured or in remission?
Talk with your Doctor. Every treatment and disease is different.